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Comfort Castle Castile with Goat Milk Bar Soap

Olive oil was one of the first oils used to make soap. Traditional "castile" soap is made from 100% olive oil, but it can be called "castile" as long as it has at least 40% olive oil. Castile soap originated in the mid-1500s in Spain's Castile Castle region, but we've named ours after Portland's Comfort Castle!

Comfort Castle Castile is made with all-natural olive oil but we've added goat's milk to balance out the bar with extra moisturizing properties. Castile soap has a light "slippery" lather & is different than you may be used to - some love it and others don't.

This bar is very mild (great for children and adults) and won't dry out your skin. It will also condition your hair nicely when used as a shampoo bar. The goat milk is rich in lactic acid which hydrates well. This soap is fragrance free for those who prefer unscented soaps.

The Jamaican price is approximately JMD $350.00.

Each bar is roughly 114 grams (4 oz)
Price: $4.25
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