~Product of Jamaica~
(made from Jamaican and imported ingredients)

“Much of the vitality in a friendship lies in the honouring of differences, not simply in the enjoyment of similarities.”
(~author unkown~)

We are three spirited “sistahs” (Jamaican & “imported” :biggrin: ) who always dreamed of starting a business together. We are best friends and family, brought together by a stroke of luck, and Blue Mountain Soapworks is the result of all our efforts!

Meet the Partners!

Kellya Bryan (aka “Vivine”), Artisan Soapmaker – Vivine “born & grow” in Belle Castle, Jamaica, in Portland parish, at the foothills of both the John Crow and Blue Mountains where she lives today. Vivine is a wonderful Mummy and Granny and her family stretches to the UK, USA and Germany. She is a motivator and woman-of-action, inspiring Therese and Barbara to go into business with her! Vivine wears many hats at Blue Mountain Soapworks, from handcrafting soap, to labelling & packaging, to test-marketing our products, to minding the shoppe. Vivine has a delicious sense of humor and is the most vivacious member of our team! She also has two cellphones permanently attached at all times (and yes, you’ll often catch her talking on both at once!!).

Angella Comrie, (aka “Donna”), Artisan Soapmaker - Angella “born and grow” in Kingston, Jamaica. She also lives in Portland parish, in the town of Manchioneal. Aside from being a wonderful Mummy & Granny, Angella is a teacher, freelance writer, and poet, and her work has been published in magazines and newspapers. Her family stretches to the UK, USA, Canada and the Bahamas. Angella is also a fantastic craftswoman and has a particular flair for crochet, handmade greeting cards, abstract drawing, and loves to design & make sexy clothing! Angella’s enthusiasm over the past five years about owning her own business some day gave Therese the idea for Blue Mountain Soapworks. In addition to creating soap, Angella is our most business-minded partner with a great knack for taking care of details. She is also usually the best-dressed sistah in the group!!

Theresa Goodell (aka “Therese”), Artisan Soapmaker – Therese splits her time between Pomona, California, USA (an eastern suburb of Los Angeles) and Belle Castle, Portland, Jamaica, and calls both places “home”. She has three delightful Godchildren – two in California and one in Jamaica. Therese first fell in love with a Jamaican :heart: , and then with Jamaica itself and Vivine & Angella on her very first visit in 2006. They became the greatest of friends and the rest is history!! Therese’s love for Jamaica and reggae music inspired her to create to share her knowledge about exploring the beautiful island and its history. Therese is an award-winning craftswoman with a particular love for woodworking and creating dollhouse miniatures (and soapmaking, of course). She is also an award-winning baker & makes great pies and breads in her “spare” time. Therese designed and maintains Blue Mountain Soapworks’ website. She remains madly in love with Jamaica!

Mr. Mysterious, Our “Silent” Partner – Mr. Mysterious is really not such a silent partner; he always has something to say! He has visited Jamaica only once but loved the idea of helping us start our natural soap business there. Plus, he thinks we need a man involved in Blue Mountains Soapworks to keep us girls in line. We passionately disagree, but we’re grateful for the help, the opinions (solicited & otherwise), and his confidence in us. Mr. Mysterious also has sensitive skin so he makes a perfect product testing “victim”! :tongue: